What is Customer Mountain?

Customer Mountain is a marketing map get more customers for any business with minimal ongoing effort.

There is a lot of incorrect information online about marketing, sales, online business and everything else related. There is a lot of good information online also. However, even for an already successful business owner, being able to identify the right customer winning marketing strategies from the flawed ones is impossible unless you’ve done it before.

There’s Two Main Ways to Learn Marketing For Any Business

  1. Spend money to test every idea and strategy that you read, hear and think of for yourself. Keep doing this until you either run out of money, or you find the strategy that works. Or:
  2. Learn and model what professionals in the marketing industry are doing and teaching.

Yes, I understand it’s not always easy to know who is the professional and who is the novice – it’s the same in most industries.

The Customer Mountain Map

This is a big part of the reason I drew up and wrote out the process that I follow for my businesses and for my clients also.

I called it the Customer Mountain Map and you can get it here for free.

It’s free because of the very same thing I explained above. There’s too much crap being sold and marketed about marketing, getting more customers and growing a business.

To me, if a husband and wife team in Blacktown, Sydney or in Melbourne, Victoria get my Customer Mountain Map for free and double their business, increase their profit margins and retire early without paying my business even one dollar…. I’m 100% ok with that.

I’m OK with it, and I’m happy for them. I’d have a meal with them and would love to hear the story of their business, the marketing and the growth – and I’d offer to pick up the bill too if they’d be happy for me to do so.

Creating Customer Mountain was a lot about getting my framework on paper and putting it in the hands of people so they could live a better life and enjoy their business more.

Yes, I’ll get some more clients from this website and as a result of sharing the Customer Mountain Map. To me, that’s what we should do:

  • Help a lot of people.
  • Maybe get some benefit later.

Why Customer Mountain?

That’s a good question. I could have given it several different names.

I’m sure you in your business know the process that you follow to create the product, or achieve the result for your customer. Maybe you can now go through the motions of that blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. If you thought about it… I’m sure you could give the process a name too. That’s what I did.

Over the years I found myself describing the different parts of what I do and the process I follow, and relating that back to Mt Everest to help explain my thought process more clearly.

Mt Everest is of course the mountain that thousands of people flock to every year just to get a look. It’s an attractive drawcard, or a “product” of Nepal you could say.

Mt Everest is like how your product should be. It should be positioned to make it desirable and of course fulfil a need.

Your customers therefore are like mountain climbers. Because only a true mountain climber wants to “conquer Everest” / or “buy your product” (you’re probably not going to sell many products to people who don’t want to buy them).

So I built the entire process around this mountain framework over the years and as time went on there were more and more parallels and analogies I could reference with the mountain and the mountain climbers. Therefore, “Customer Mountain” stuck.

About The Map

There are four checkpoints on the Customer Mountain map. Starting from before your customer knows about your business.

Your customer exists even without your business. Or I could say:

A mountain climber exists before she or he decides they want to climb Mt Everest.

Therefore, the map starts at even before Checkpoint 1 , and follows the mountain climber along their journey through the process, up the mountain until they reach the peak – which also means of course, they have become your customer.

The Customer Mountain map illustrates how you can attract the people who want to climb your businesses mountain (who want to purchase your product/service), and of course the map steps all the way through the various checkpoints up until they become your customer.

You can get a free copy of the Customer Mountain map here: click here to get the map.

About Me

My name is Craig Marty and I’m a husband, father, marketer and business owner (somewhat in that order).  I’ve been in the marketing world for over 15 years and have left no stone unturned. The best place for you to learn more about me is here on my Facebook page.

Drop by and post a comment saying hello – I’d love to hear from you.