Get More Customers With Less Effort

My name is Craig Marty, I’m a Husband, Father, marketer and business owner.

In 2004 I heard that it was possible for me to go to sleep with my current bank balance, and wake up the next morning with more money in the account – I didn’t need to hear it twice, I was hooked.

Since 2004 I’ve tested and tried every trick that has been flaunted across the internet, building hundreds of websites, testing every marketing method breaking it all along the way and keeping the pieces of the puzzle that fit.

The first dollars with marketing on the internet came in the early years, but the millions of dollars came years later. Making money in my sleep was not as easy as it sounded good.

The steps to a smart and profitable marketing campaign are more simple than what they are complicated but it takes years to clear the path and learn which way is the easiest to clear your path.

I have now packaged the process and the steps and can personally roll it out and personalise it for your business, getting you more customers with less effort than before and I’ll guarantee results too.


This will:


  • Place a lifelong magnet at the front of your business that has been programmed to only attract and bring in people who are wanting what your business sells. (Without turning people off with pushy or slimy ads).


  • Create a trusting relationship between these people and your business. 


  • Provide your business with the tools to maintain the healthy and strong relationship with these people with some but minimal effort from your side.


  • Raise your business up to become an authority in your industry, in the eyes of these people who will become your future customers – no matter how small or simple your business is right now. 


  • Naturally create sales conversations between you, your team and/or your website to move these people from knowing your business to becoming your paying customers.


You may of spent money on advertising and marketing your business in the past, most business owners I have spoken to have overall negative results. There are some recorded wins but generally “things stop working” and the money spend on ads quickly disappear into a blackhole with no increase ins ales to show for it.

I believe that unless you do something full time, and have done it for years and years, it’s difficult to make it at work at the level that is needed.

Imagine if I was to walking into your industry and try to deliver the services or products that you deliver…. I may be able to get people into the office with good marketing but my post-sales feedback would be terrible!

That’s why it’s best that I concentrate and double down on what I’m good at.

If you’re a master pool builder I believe it will serve you better to double down on building the best pools in your industry and city and have a marketing professional bring your customers to you.

The next step for you is..

…to take a couple of minutes right now and find out if what we do will work for your business.

There is no possible way we can work with every business and because we guarantee results we need to first be sure that we’re a good fit for your business.

Here is what to do now:

Click here and answer a few very simple questions about your business. 

Click that link above, and answer a few easy questions so that we can learn more about your business and then contact you again to advise if we know what we do can work for your business or not.

The fact is:

  • We don’t work with certain types of businesses.
  • We don’t want to set ourselves and you up for failure.
  • We have no interest in wasting your time or our time if we’re not 100% sure what we do will work for your business.

There’s no pressure!

The first step for you today if you want to get more customers easier than ever is to click here and answer a few quick questions.

We don’t ask you to write us a novel, pay a deposit, or anything weird like that. It will take you less than 4 minutes and then we review your info and get back to you by email either way.

Here is what would happen next…

After you submit your quick answers and we review the details:

  1. You will get an email from us in a few days or less.
  2. If we can see that this will work for your business, we will give you some times to choose from for a quick call.
  3. At your chosen time, we’ll have a 15 minute chat about everything to make sure we are both on the same page. What you are expecting, and what we would actually deliver.
  4. If we are both still happy to move forward we will schedule another time for you to speak to Craig Marty who will answer any of your bigger questions and can formally bring you on board and start the process.