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The Customer Mountain Map Is Rocket Fuel To Any Reasonable Product or Service You’re Trying To Get More Customers For.

Welcome to, my name is Craig Marty and I created Customer Mountain to:

  1. Reduce the amount of hours business hours spend slaving away in their business, so that they can spend more time with the most important things in life…. That is kids, partners, family and friends. And:
  2. Compress my 15+ years of marketing experience into a map that will help business owners run marketing campaigns the right way and avoid the ENDLESS list of “new gimmicks” that do not work.

The Customer Mountain Marketing Map Picture

Have a quick look at this picture:

Customer Mountain Marketing Map


This picture has all the main steps from taking a person who doesn’t know you or your business, up to the point where they are your paying customer.

This website is dedicated to teaching and demonstrating how Customer Mountain works and how you can deploy it in your business, so I will not go through all of the details here in this post. However, below is a short and sweet overview

Overview of Customer Mountain


Checkpoint 0

This is the hidden checkpoint and it’s important to consider the masses of people (the general population) before they every become interested in what you’re selling.

This is critical because it forces you to think through what the correct steps should be when you have a crowd of general people anywhere and you need to find a way to learn who may be interested in what you’re selling WITHOUT wasting your marketing budget (which is what most business owners do at this stage).


Checkpoint 1

At Checkpoint 1 of the Customer Mountain marketing map you have put the people there into a different group from the general population, this is the most important step of all.

The people you have at Checkpoint 1 ARE interested in what you’re selling. You can not communicate with these people more directly (but I don’t mean push your products or services in their face).


Checkpoint 2

Moving the group you have gathered at Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 means that they are one step closer to becoming your customer but you’re not yet “asking for the sale.”

The step to Checkpoint 2 can happen within 30 seconds, 10 minutes of several days – it will really depend on your business and your set up. But I will stress here that quicker is better, especially if you are aiming to roll out the Customer Mountain map as I have designed it to work (you should be in my opinion).

It’s a small and subtle step but when people are at Checkpoint 2 you have been able to help understand the ‘lay of the land’ or the ‘terrain’ a little bit better.

These people can now see what’s in front of them for the journey to buy what you’re selling. To give you a very rough example here, it might be as simple as them knowing the price range and what the buying process is.

They will also know your name, your businesses name and likely your face at this stage too as you are the one who have helped them get to  Checkpoint 2.

However, you haven’t pushed a sale down their throat yet and that’s a good thing. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with asking people to buy what you’re selling, but there are better times than others.


Checkpoint 3

Moving people throughout your Customer Mountain Map from Checkpoint 1 up to Checkpoint 4 can be done within a couple of minutes or a couple of years. It’s mostly decided by how eager the customer is (but you can speed up the process for some).

Moving people along from Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3 is an important move, it may look a small move but it’s very important.

Like I mentioned before, there are some people who will zoom through your Customer Mountain map in a matter of minutes all by themselves.

These people were simply more ready to buy what you were selling as you identified them at Checkpoint 1.

When you have one or a bunch of customers at Checkpoint 3 it means that you have been able to provide them with more information about the road ahead (and still without pushing for the sale). If they haven’t purchased yet, pushing them towards the sale may get 1 in 10 or less of these people to buy.

But you’re pushing 9 out of 10 people away and likely to your competitors.

I’m not saying that you shower them with information and send them endless packages or emails with more and more info on why they should buy your product. Getting people to Checkpoint 3 does literally mean giving them more specific information in a way that is not time consuming for you or anyone in your team.

By default and very importantly, you (and your business) will also be building a healthy bond with all these people so that moving them to Checkpoint 4 where they become your paying customer will be easier, smoother, more likely and absolutely appropriate for you to suggest when the reason is right for the customer.


Checkpoint 4

The reason you create a Customer Mountain for your business is to of course get more customers.

When people arrive at Checkpoint 4 it means that they have become your paying customer. People will buy all sorts of things for all kinds of reasons without having a Customer Mountain but if you want a more predictable, sustainable and easier plan in place to grow your business, I believe the Customer Mountain Map is the best thing you could do.

Getting people to Checkpoint 4 comes after these people already know you, like you and trust you. It all then comes down to you making the most appropriate offer to these people at the right time for them.

Again, this should be done in a easy systematic way that does not add hours of work to your week.


What To Do Next

This has been a brief overview of my customer winning map called Customer Mountain.

If you would like go one level deeper with this and read more about it you will see the place on this page to enter your Name and Email address and you will be automatically sent the Customer Mountain book for free.

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