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It’s Here!

I’m very happy to announce the Customer Mountain Map book is now available. You have two options: Get it free instantly here:  or Order from Amazon here. Either way, the book is the same, enjoy. Talk soon, Craig Marty 

Customer Mountain Book – COMING SOON

Customer Mountain Book

Hello, Craig Marty here. I’m excited to share with you that the Customer Mountain book will be live and launching soon. It will be on Amazon at full price (because Amazon takes a big percentage of the sale price) but

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Attracting Your Mountain Climbers

Attracting Your Mountain Climbers. By Customer Mountain

To win more customers you need to attract them. It’s simple: you can’t get them to give you money if you have not yet attracted their attention. Most business owners don’t separate these two things when thinking about marketing, getting

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Finding Your Mountain Climbers

Finding Your Mountain Climbers. By Customer Mountain

Once you have decided who your mountain climbers are going to be, you need to go on a journey to find them. The benefit you have now is that you already know who they are – in fact, YOU have

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Choosing Your Mountain Climbers

Choosing Your Mountain Climbers. By Customer Mountain

The most important and first thing you need to do is NOT build your mountain first. The most important part of this process is choosing who your mountain climbers are and who they are not.

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Customer Mountain REVEALED

Customer Mountain Marketing Map

The Customer Mountain Map Is Rocket Fuel To Any Reasonable Product or Service You’re Trying To Get More Customers For. Welcome to, my name is Craig Marty and I created Customer Mountain to: Reduce the amount of hours business

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