Choosing Your Mountain Climbers

The most important and first thing you need to do is NOT build your mountain first. The most important part of this process is choosing who your mountain climbers are and who they are not.

By default when you choose your best customer, you are automatically deciding who all the customer types are who you also DON’T want.

Not every mountain, is suited for all mountain climbers.

If your best customer hates the cold, a snow capped mountain isn’t a good idea to try and sell them. If your best customer hates the cold, maybe a mountain in the desert in warmer months will be a better fit.

This is almost insultingly simple, but critically important.

The majority of business owners think that their product could be purchased by most people if not everyone which cuts the impact that their marketing will have in half before they even start.

Different Mountains For Different People

You can and should have a different Customer Mountain map for different product types that you sell.

For example; you might think that a pool and a hot tub are pretty much going to the same kind of person, however, I would create two different Customer Mountain maps for these two different products and would likely get double the results as the business who did not.

You would not want to choose people who are kind of like your dream customers, invest marketing budget to attract their attention only to have them change their mind half way up your mountain because they really weren’t that interested to begin with.


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