Finding Your Mountain Climbers

Once you have decided who your mountain climbers are going to be, you need to go on a journey to find them.

The benefit you have now is that you already know who they are – in fact, YOU have decided it. What a powerful situation to be in.

If you have chosen mountain climbers who love to eat junk food and “pig out” in general, you will NOT look for these people at Healthy Living Retreats. Yes I am generalising here – it’s just one quick example.

Lots of business try to get down to the percentage point perfect at this stage and it’s impossible. You will be frozen on the spot as there is no perfect way to move forward.

Generalise and move on.

If the mountain you have built is the ultimate junk food restaurant, you can start to list some places where you are likely going to find them.

For example:

  1. Ice cream shops.
  2. At home during the weekend watching Netflix.
  3. Other junk food shops.
  4. Facebook groups related to junk food.

These are just four quick examples.

Your search for mountain climbers should and will never stop. For every 100 of your mountain climbers that you find, only 10, 15, 20 or so will ever actually make it to the top of your businesses mountain (depending on what your mountain is, the price point, etc). This is normal when you start to reach thousands of people – the numbers start to average out.

Checkpoint 1 Of the Customer Mountain Map

When you have found your customers they are now at what we call Checkpoint 1. They have moved along the path towards being your customer and this is probably the most important step on the map.

You now have a great opportunity to speak to people about what they are interested in without it being accurate for some but not a good match for most.


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